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No time or money for costly market research? With CORE you get quick insights for less money! Without market research knowledge. 18 ready-to-use insights modules about your brand, products and concepts. Including a large pool of verified survey participants.

Choose from 18 tested survey templates. Get insights on your products, brands and concepts.

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Brand Awareness

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Concept Test

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Name Test

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Logo Test

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Price perception analysis

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Design Test

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Product Awareness

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Net Promoter Score (NPS)

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Packaging Test

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Poster Test

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Ad test

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Claim Test

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Idea Test

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Early Stage Test

conceptTest.innovation_test img

Innovation Test

conceptTest.copy_test img

Copy Test

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UX Test


Market research is often expensive and complicated. You need to select respondents, program questionnaires, analyze and interpret results. You also need to ask the right questions - otherwise you'll get answers that lead to wrong decisions. CORE makes professional market research instantly uncomplicated for you.


Verified answers

CORE evaluates your survey according to the latest findings of market and social research. We find the right target group and weed out inconclusive or contradictory answers so that you receive only high-quality answers for your survey.


Live Dashboard

For each Insights module carried out, you receive the insights in a visually intuitive format. In the dashboard, you have an overview of all charts in the graphs and can answer important core questions of your company immediately.


What CORE customers say

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With CORE we have found a fast tool with great advice that gives us valid answers to all key questions about our brands and products within 24 hours.

Daniel Mainka,
Marketing Director bei Brockhaus

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It's so simple. Ask your target group!

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1. Select Insights modules

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2. Enter information and select target group

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3. Questionnaire is generated and sent to participants

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4. Analysis is provided in Dashboard

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