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You learn from mistakes. However, some can be quite expensive. You can now avoid this without much effort.



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Of course we all love our brands, products and ideas. But it's not about us. That's why it's better to do a test before investing.



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The market does not forgive mistakes. Get the best insights from your potential buyers at a fraction of the traditional cost.


Gut feeling is good - but why take a risk when you can check it easily and quickly?

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Brand Awareness

conceptTest.concept_test img

Concept Test

conceptTest.name_test img

Name Test

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Logo Test

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Price perception analysis

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Design Test

productsCard.content.productAwareness.title1 img

Product Awareness

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Net Promoter Score (NPS)

conceptTest.packaging_test img

Packaging Test

conceptTest.poster_test img

Poster Test

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Ad test

conceptTest.claim_test img

Claim Test

conceptTest.idea_test img

Idea Test

conceptTest.earlystage_test img

Early Stage Test

conceptTest.innovation_test img

Innovation Test

conceptTest.copy_test img

Copy Test

conceptTest.ux_test img

UX Test

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With CORE we have found a fast tool with great advice that gives us valid answers to all key questions about our brands and products within 24 hours.

Daniel Mainka,
Marketing Director bei Brockhaus

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Finally, market research is easy, fast and affordable. So: #CheckItBefore with CORE!

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