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Meet your heads behind Core - your Democrats of Market Research

We are the heart and soul behind Core. Our big goal? We want to democratize market research! We think that real people should be the focus of market research and not complex data or technical gibberish. Our mission is to give everyone access to market research. We combine digital know-how with solid knowledge from market research to make market research for your company easily, quickly and efficiently. Trust in Core - because we simply do market research.



We put our heads together and developed the software Core so that you can get to know your products and brands in and by heart. We are here to make the whole process as easy and agile as possible and to support you on the way to the success of your products, concepts and brands.


We are your Mafo-Aficionados and digital natives

Market research and digital technologies are our passion - we are Mafo -Aficionados and digital natives through and through! We know how we can bring technical tools and market research knowledge together to provide outstanding results for your company. With Core you get the best of both worlds. Let us take you into the exciting world of digital market research.


We are proud members of the renowned Splendid Research Institute

Our roots lie in the renowned Splendid Research Institute, a pioneer in market research. There we have gained valuable knowledge and experience that we incorporate into Core. You can rely on the fact that our work is based on solid scientific foundations and is always up to date with the latest research. With Core you benefit from our first -class expertise and our commitment to excellence. As a proud member of a renowned market research institute, we always strive to provide you with high -quality and well -founded knowledge.


We are an agile team - but we tackle big!

As an innovative, agile team, we are ready to do great and to support you in the further development of your products and brands with insights. We are a small but fine team of market research experts who do everything possible to offer your company the best insights. We have quality over quantity. Our strength lies in our flexibility, our passion and commitment to get the best out of every research situation. Get to know the team behind Core and discover how we can move great for you.


We for you!

Norman Habenicht

Norman Habenicht

For your success: accompany you in the use of core and show you the efficient way to do valuable insights

Sirko Polster

Sirko Polster

For your innovation: continuously builds new product features that make it easier for you to collect insights

Stefan Menge

Stefan Menge

For your experience: make sure that the use of Core is as simple as possible for you.

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